Travel to the Stars


Earth has decided to open vacation resorts on the other eight planets in our solar system. NASA has hired you as a researcher to help them gather information on all of the eight planets.


NASA needs you and a partner to research one planet and put together a travel brochure that they can send out to travel agencies around the world. The travel brochure should include factual information as well as any attractions you think tourists would like to see.


1. Choose a planet.
2. When you are creating you brochure, be sure that you include the following items:

3. Use the links below to find your information. You may also use the Astronomy books in our classroom library.
4. You should record all of the information that you find on the webquest recording sheet.
5. Once you have recorded all of your information, create your brochure in AppleWorks. Don’t forget to check the spelling.
6. When you have finished your brochure turn it into NASA headquarters for review (mailbox on Ms. Hurley’s desk).







Information Sources:

These links will be used to provide students with information and pictures relating to the planets in our solar system. The links are to governmental or educational run web sites. Students will be able to gather factual information about each planet's physical characteristics, location, and history.

Welcome to The Nine Planets - For Kids!!!
University of Arizona review of the planets. Lots of great pictures, facts, and historical data.
StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers
A web site specifically for children, created and maintained by NASA
A Practical Guide to Astronomy
Everything you need to know about Astronomy
Ask a NASA Scientist
A great interactive website where a real life astronomer answers your astronomy questions every week.
Views of the Solar System
Educational tour of the solar system.


Scoring rubric based on initial criteria. One point will be awarded for each criteria that is met.


When this project is complete, students will have a travel brochure that will contain factual information and photographs.





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