Background Resources for Duxbury Public Schools' Program Review

We will spend time at our meeting on October 16 discussing research, issues, and perspectives on digital learning and its effective use to support teaching and learning.  In order to hit the ground running at the October meeting, I have located several resources that I would like each program review committee member to review prior to the 16th.  I have organized these by theme, below. 

In most cases, these resources are each very short articles or blog posts.  In some cases, I have referenced longer reports (these are noted).  Please read the short pieces and at least scan through the longer pieces. 

When we meet, we will work to synthesize our take-aways from these (and other) resources into framework for reviewing Duxbury's digital learning initiative.  More information on the basic approach we will take to digital learning program review can be found at the bottom of this page.  There will also be a meeting agenda distributed electronically shortly before the 16th.


Thoughts on what should be the work of schools

Is Technology Supporting the New Work of Schools?

Connecting Technology to the New Work of Schools

Logistical Resources for Duxbury's Committee