Developing and Implementing Evaluations for Digital Learning Initiatives -- A 3 Workshop Progression (Spring 2017)

Sun Associates is offering a 3 workshop progression on Developing Digital Learning Evaluations hosted at SAU 90 (Hampton School District in Hampton, NH) on May 4, May 25 and June 9, 2017.  Open to all school districts in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, these sessions follow our digital learning evaluation overview held at the NH State Department of Education in March and provide in-depth discussion and hands-on work on the 3 main components of the digital learning evaluation process.  Attendance at the March NH DoE session is not required to attend these workshops. 

These workshops are ideal for digital learning coordinators and/or district teams interested in developing procedures for assessing the impact of educational technology, digital learning, or blended learning initiatives.  The techniques discussed and developed are also useful for conducting any sort of program evaluation.  Districts and individuals involved in proposal (grant) writing and development will also find these sessions valuable.

While it is not necessary to attend all 3 sessions, participants should note that the first 2 sessions work together as a unit and will be most effective if taken together in sequence.  All 3 sessions are very hands-on and are intended to engage participants in the development of their own evaluations and data collection instruments.  Participants should come to the sessions with some idea of a particular project or activity (the more specific the better) that they ultimately wish to evaluate.

The Sessions

An overview of all three sessions is available here.  Individual sessions are described below.

Developing Indicators from Initiative Goals and Objectives (May 4, 2017)

This session focuses on the keystone of any successful evaluation – meaningful evaluation indicators.  Participants will be asked to bring information about actual projects or initiatives that they intend (at some point) to evaluate.  Working with the goals and objectives of these actual projects, participants will learn how to draft the evaluation indicators necessary for their own project evaluations.

Data Collection Tools and Techniques (May 25, 2017)

This session will help participants take their evaluation indicators and articulate these into data collection instruments such as surveys, focus groups and interviews.  Participants will learn about how to write questions and how to administer basic types of data collection tools and procedures. 

Developing an Evaluation Plan for Digital Learning Initiatives (June 9, 2017)

This final session will help participants take their acquired knowledge about digital learning/program evaluation and organize their activities into an effective plan for conducting and evaluation.  Time will be provided for questions, answers, and discussion of all aspects of the program evaluation process.

Who Should Attend?

Each session should ideally be attended by small team from each district.  This team could be composed of the technology or digital/blended learning director, a district-level curriculum and instruction administrator, and (if appropriate) a building principal/assistant principal.  Larger teams are permissible if there is a particular project/need to involve additional staff.  In most cases, a team of 2 individuals is entirely appropriate for the purposes of this professional development activity. Single individuals from a school or district may attend if it is not possible to assemble a team at this time.


Each session is 3 hours (9am to noon). Follow-up contact and discussion with the facilitator (Jeff Sun) is encouraged between sessions. 


These sessions will be led by Jeff Sun.  Jeff has worked extensively with school districts throughout NH, New England, and other regions throughout the country.  The evaluation processes covered in these workshops are the same as those used in Sun Associates' projects across the nation. 


The fee for each session is $50/person.  Any team which commits to attending all 3 sessions will receive a 10% discount (i.e., $135 per person for all 3 sessions).  The fee covers materials and light refreshments.


SAU 90, Hampton School District, Hampton Academy in Hampton, NH.

How to Register

Register by choosing your desired workshop sessions from the list below.  To register for the entire series of 3 sessions, please choose the Designing Digital Learning Evaluations SERIES option.  If you register for the entire series, you do not need to register for individual sessions. 

Select the number of people ("Quantity") you are registering for each session.  When you click "Add to Cart" you will be prompted to complete a brief registration form with your primary contact information.  You only need to complete one registration form for each team.  Finally, when you are ready to check out, you will be prompted to pay.  Our payment system accepts credit cards.  If you need to pay with a district purchase order, please call or email at the address below (do not use the purchase options below).  In the event that the session is cancelled, full refunds will be made.  Refunds will not be made for no-shows.


Please call 978-251-1600 extension 204, or email us at the address on our contact page.

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