Strategic Decision-Making

Sun Associates provides skilled facilitation and assistance to organizations in developing and refining their organizational goals, objectives, and visions.  Often, this work is a component of an evaluation research project where we are working to assess the outcomes, or potential outcomes, of a particular project or idea.  When faced with such research and evaluation tasks, we find it useful to encourage our clients to carefully reflect on why they are asking the questions they are asking, and what they expect to get out of their evaluation activities. This reflection usually requires thinking about how projects connect back to the client's basic mission.  Our skilled facilitation of these discussions provides valuable strategic insights that inform current and future organizational work. 

Sun Associates' staff are skilled in organizing and driving high level conversations about organizational mission, vision, and strategic planning.  Further, our expertise in data acquisition and analysis insures that we are able to assist clients in gathering and using the data necessary to test and support organizational decision-making.

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